The complexity of blending new construction with an existing home requires a significant depth of knowledge of the building techniques of the previous century. My thirty years of experience can guide you from initial concept to fully realized remodel or addition.

When undertaking a remodel of your home, professionally prepared drawings provide you with a clear picture of the finished project and accurately communicate the proposed work to your contractor, building official, and banker.

To get started, put your ideas down on paper. List your priorities and separate wishes from requirements. Note additional work that you want to coincide with the project and identify any materials or labor you plan to provide yourself.

Collect photos and magazine clippings that reflect your taste. Websites like can be of great help during this process.

Establish a budget. Speak to your banker to learn what amount is available to you and decide how many dollars you are willing to put into the house.

Finally, to start the design process, contact our office to request a get acquainted meeting at your home with a walk-through discussion of the project and budget.